As the founder of the “I Am Experience Multi-Cultural Women’s Conference”, I would like to cordially invite our upcoming 2017 I Am Experiences. There will be mini conferences held in the Metropolitan Detroit area, in three different areas during the spring of 2017 and you will have an opportunity to tap into various ethnicity groups throughout the year. The mini-conferences will kick off in April with our Arab American community, then in May with our African American community and we will wrap up our mini-series with the Hispanic/Latino American community in June. Our annual I Am Experience will take place during the fall in October of 2017 with all ethnicities under one roof.


Our mission is to promote positive affirmations about who we are and our value we bring to ourselves first and then to the rest of the world. While we currently wear many hats and take on so many roles in life as women, our goal is to find a way to affirm to these women how important it is to be a whole and well-rounded individual with balance. The I Am Experience aims to encourage unity among women of color with different backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles. It provides an opportunity for women to celebrate their well beings, build awareness of their culture and empower each sister through unity, leadership, and service.

This year one of our focuses will be financial literacy. For multilingual and multicultural populations, there is a great need to deliver financial education. Minority populations are not buying homes at rates similar to other groups. This is partly due to the fact that minorities who live in remote communities have limited access to financial products, but mostly due to cultural differences – some minorities doubt the possibility of homeownership. But steps can be taken to encourage homeownership and reduce the distrust of banks and government agencies. The report, for instance, suggests that institutions help minorities better understand financial systems; improve access to financial services and work to change perceptions about the accessibility of home ownership. Another session being held at the I Am Experience is technology. Many technology companies realize that in order for them to grow, they must look outside the box ‘one size fits all’ mindset and tailor to each market segment. Therefore, representing a diverse workforce is even more critical because the best products and services are created for individuals who want to see a reflection of their own particular style and communities. We will also have other sessions such as arts, self-identity, entrepreneurship, health, and sisterhood.


We would be honored if your organization would consider being a sponsor in support of I Am Experience Multi-Cultural Women’s Conference, and even consider a more generous contribution, if you have been a continued supporter in the past. As a sponsor, your firm will receive recognition at our Annual Conference and our periodic networking events, as well as publicity during any other activities throughout the 2017 calendar year. In addition, we will provide a direct internet link for your company on our website. As the conference continues to grow, your support assists in underwriting the increasing cost of the Annual Conference and networking events throughout the year including, but not limited to, speaker fees, facility costs, reception, food, beverages, and materials. Most importantly, your sponsorship also allows your clients and prospective public to attend the Annual Conference at no cost.


It is my hope that you’re willing and able to set aside time on our special days, lend your support and spread the word. I would love to share more about our vision and the event. It is sure to be a beautiful occasion that leaves a lasting impact on the lives of many ladies – promoting value, importance, and true sisterhood.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming conferences this year.